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Stanley Wines

 10/2016 - 04/2017 Accolade Wines

Company:GM Fabrication Projects Stanley Wines Winery Stanley Wines
Duration: October 2016 to April 2017
Project successfully completed for 2017 Vintage

Project Scope Steps

Winery Brine line upgrade
Remove aging 6" PVC Brine Lines
Installation of 180m @ 150mm stainless steel Insulated lines



Relocation of Heat exchanger and pipe work installation
Installation of 150m @ 150mm 304 stainless steel
Install and connect piping to heat exchange



Stanley Site compressed Air upgrade
Installation of 3 @ air receivers
Installation of filters, valves and connections
Installation of 150m @ 101mm 304 stainless steel pipe work
Connections to new compressor



Press lines in from winery locations
Installation of 1.4km of 76mm 304 stainless steel line
Installations of 8 @ 40m lines 101mm 304 to service new location



Press product feed lines
Installation of Press 150mm stainless steel product lines
Installation of Press Knife gate valves, site glass and eliminators



Installation of all services to 4 new Bag Press
Installation of all copper water services to press area and catwalks
Installation and connections to Press Air lines



Press drain lines to ground
Installation of 101mm drain lines



New Tank Farm storage
Installation of 76mm copper water through out tank farm
Installation of 50mm valved stainless steel water outlets
Installation of 300m @25mm Nitrogen lines to tank farm
Installation of 76mm stainless steel air mains
Installation of 150mm stainless steel Brine mains and manifolds
Installation of Ground to catwalk 50mm stainless steel riser
Installation of Catwalk water lines and out lets
Installation of Catwalk Mixed gas line



Piping of cool room 2
Installation 76mm stainless lines and valves



600 block Yeast 120m 76mm valved lines



Stanley float Shed pipe work
Install 76mm stainless pipe work
Install 51mm water services
Install 51mm and 25mm stainless Nitrogen and mixed gas
Install fire hose pipe work

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